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Ceiling Cassette Type
The ceiling cassette is mainly used for commercial purposes. It can be installed in various places such as restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms. This unit is equipped with many special features, it has four louvres for air circulation in all directions which in turn can maintain even and wide cooling.

cassette control

Function to Control the Air
Volume by Ceiling Height Control of the air intensity has been made possible by employing a height-control algorithm for the interior fan.


Group Control
1) Operation Summary
Where several products are linked, one specific control device can control a specific number of products.

2) Specific Operation Connecting line is linked to each of the indoor equipments for communication. A specific control device is connected to each of them and this control device can control the same function. Group control function is enabled by cutting an optional jump wire in the wired remote control. At this time, the main system will not respond in order to prevent data collision. While executing group control command, use the random data(0-3minutes) in the main body of indoor equipment for limiting starting current. Control device can control up to 16 indoor equipments.

Two Thermistor Control
There may be a significant difference between the temperature taken at the installed product and indoor temperature. Two thermistor control provides option to control temperature by referring any of the two temperatures. With the help of the slide switch at the back of the LCD wired remote controller, selection of the desired thermistor for controlling the unit can be done. One thermistor is in the Indoor unit & the other one is in the LCD wired remote.


PLASMA Air Purifying System
The PLASMA Air Purifying System developed uniquely by LG not only removes microscopic contaminants and dust, but also removes house mites, pollen, and pet fur to help prevent allergic diseases like asthma. With a filter that can be used over and over again by simply washing with water, you can enjoy clean fresh


High Head Drain Pump
Auxiliary Drain Pump automatically drains water. A standard drain-head height of up to 700mm is possible, creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage.


Swirl Swing
� Comparison of the temperature distributions in the floor when radiation is on (with 20�� as standard temperature)

low consumption

Super Low Power Consumption
Use in Standby Mode by Adopting SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
� Power waste due to standby power Power is wasted if a plug is connected to an outlet
even though the appliance is turned off.
� Development of super power-saving SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) Low standby power by reducing 90% of standby power. Therefore switching off at an isolator is not necessary when not in use.

log dist piping

Long Distance, High Elevation Piping
Our LG Air Conditioners (Cassette and Concealed duct model) are possible to be installed a long distance(Max 50m) that is included High Elevation(30m)


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