Ceiling Concealed Duct Type
Hidden in the ceiling, this product is suitable for applications that require clear accessible floors, such a concert halls, restaurants, and hotels. Installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure, and interior renovation is made easy with the installation of various ventilation diffusers.


Long Distance, High Elevation Piping
Air Conditioners(Cassette and Concealed duct model) are possible to be installed a long distance(Max 50m) that is included High Elevation(30m)


High Head Drain Pump
Auxiliary Drain Pump automatically drains water. A standard drain-head height of up to 700mm is possible, creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage.

ESP controler

E.S.P: External Static Pressure
Always air volume and sound kept as design regardless of E.S.P change using this technology , you can
� Optimize Duct work Installation
� Keep Capacity & Sound level as desired
� Simplify model numbers
The Phase control motor Technology gives benefit of saving money to Installer. Desired Air flowrate is obtained by controlling the phase of motor while installing the product and this makes your duct work system flexible.

housing blower

Quiet Operation & Easy Service
Innovative Design for blower and Housing system Low Noise ! Light Weight ! Easy Service Plastic Blower and Housing
� Designed for Low noise
� Designed to reduce Weight.
� Designed for Easy service with separated Housing.
This product will guarantee you lower sound level andless service expense.

Central Controller
Operation Summary for in this case LG units come with advanced control options, take for instance the Central Controller. Designed for the commercial application, where multiple Air Conditioning units have been installed. You can control or fault find up to 16-2048 Air Conditioning units (via 8 separate controllers) individually or all together.

Weekly Program
If necessary, an operator can make an On/Off reservation of the product for a period of one week. LCD Wired Remote Controller
� 24-Hour ON/ OFF Timer in 1 hour intervals
� Self-Diagnosis function
� 3-Step Fan Speed selection
� Operation Indication
� Room Temperature Display
� Only 20mm thickness

Two Thermistor Control
The twin thermistor control regulates the difference between the indoor temperature and the temperature of the air the product produces, as to ensure uniform room temperature. This is accomplished by taking two temperatures, one for room and one for the air being discharged. Then the sensors readings are adjusted for optimum room temperature.

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