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If you are looking for an Air Conditioner that is different from the rest, take the ARTCOOL Air conditioner.At last you can have an Air Conditioner that looks stylish, innovative and attractive. Every trimming has been added to the refined ARTCOOL series, including the NEO Plasma Air Purifying System, Gold Fin, and new features like Auto Clean. Suited for smaller rooms like bedrooms & offices the ARTCOOL Mirror is a welcome change to the conventional styling Air Conditioner..

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Modern & Luxury Design
Its premium designs match well with any part of the household.

ARTCOOL_Mirror Type
A little interior accent for the modern you. The romantic pastel colors, subdued luster, modern texture and the super slim design of LG ARTCOOL Mirror are the answers to your unique mood and personality.

LG ARTCOOL Wide is a cool addition to your work-space. Like a piece of modern art, the golden-section design and the simple and modern design of LG Artcool Wide is an attractive, efficient and cool addition to your room.

ARTCOOL_Panel Type
LG’s unique frame-style of ARTCOOL panel type. Its super-slim and sensory design satisfies your sense. stable temperature.

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Ez-Replaceable Color Panel
The ARTCOOL chameleon panel enables you to change the air conditioner color according to background colors, the first of its kind in the world. When you want to change interior designs (wallpaper colors, furniture, etc.) or you want to change the air conditioner designs after you are bored with them. You can only change the panel.

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Digital Air Flow Control
Designed like a work of art, and the new concept of 3 dimensional air flow. It gives even cooling as well as quick cooling from the front and both sides making an evenly cooled space.

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Two modes of optimal airflow
Both modes of optimal airflow can be used for both cooling and heating, by changing the louvre into the desired airflow pattern.

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